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Top Ten Songs For High School Graduation

1. Graduation (Friends Forever) by: Vitamin C
Talking about the joys and hopes of people after they graduate.
2. School's Out by Alice Cooper
Who doesn't want to get out of school? Too bad there's four more years left for those that want to go to college.
3. The Journey by: Lea Salonga
Talks about a long journey, such as school, that has a happy ending, such as graduating.
4. Time of Your Life by: Green Day
Talks about a major turning point in your life, graduation.
5. The Great Escape by : Boys Like Girls
Talks about doing what you want, and not listening to anyone, like getting freedom by graduating.
6. Celebration by: Kool and The Gang
The title of the song says it all.
7. All Star by: Smash Mouth
"Hey now you're an All Star" if you graduate.
8. Don't Stop Believing by Journey
Talks about not giving up your hope, and to believe you can do better, such as going to college when you graduate.
9. We Are The Champions by Queen
Graduating makes you feel so happy, and courageous that you feel like a champion.
10. Breakaway by: Kelly Clarkson
After H.S you'll breakaway from a lot of your friends you had, unless all of them decide to go to the same college and pay for programming help.